Brian Vassallo is a Maltese composer and music producer. 
Starting with his debut album release -'Beyond' in 1998, As a producer, Brian continues to specialize into electronic music and Film/TV Instrumental Music with experience producing the Award-winning Short Film soundtrack -'In The End'. 

And most recently participating into HBO's  'Westoworld' TV series project , soundtrack selection. 

Many of his tracks have been adapted for video along the years, by talented Film editors, talented artists, or edited and montaged by Vassallo himself, since he has always wanted to compliment his music with moving images! 

Having remixed for international artists, and featuring talented female singers in his music, helped to grow his development in music diversity. He released dozens of Singles and four studio albums. 

Brian has the skill and attention to detail in every track and sound he creates like painting a picture until everything is married together.  

If you are looking to give your project a soundtrack, get in touch with  Brian, using the contact form . 

In the meantime, take a listen to some of his works specifically tailored for Film  & TV.  here