B R I A N  V A S S A L L O 

Brian Vassallo (born 2 February 1971) is a Maltese (Ascap) recording artist. 

At a young age, Vassallo had a flair for the creative.

Before discovering music as his passion, Brian expressed his imagination as a sketch pencil artist and enjoyed computer graphics, computer programming and sound design from his first personal home computers during the '80s.  

Brian is self-taught both in composition, mixing, mastering, production and sound design. He is always on the quest of perfecting the sound he wants. 

Since the '90s Vassallo has been expressing himself into music by self-releasing four studio albums and several singles and more recently music composed for film & TV Licensing.

He has collaborated and remixed other famous artist's music along the years such as - 'Jean Michel Jarre', being one of his idols in electronic music and more recently 'Nils Frahm'.

Vassallo music has been used in local festivals and in short films like - 'In The End (2009)'.