In late Dec 1998, the first Album "Beyond" was released, encapsulating all the inspirations from Sci-Fi movies, TV series, and his curiosity and fascination about the cosmos, since childhood. He still has a vivid thought of when he used to write on his kitchen table, his letters to NASA.

All this into a six-track instrumental electronic album, composed with very limited equipment, such as the Yamaha DX-11, Roland JD990, and the JP8000 and by using the Amiga computer and a software sequencer like the "Octamed & Dr.T", used mainly to input midi notes and going through a 16 channel Mackie mixer, and recording the mix into a Tascam DA-30 recorder.

Initial reactions among music critics and fans, was very good, also being rewarded with  the 'Choice Award' on the music website

In 2001 the second album was released, titled "Flashback"
and re-released in 2006. An album with a vibe leaning towards the chill-out and more rhythmic tracks.
Brian went collaborating and remixing with other artists such as; Teo & Tea (2007) and “The Heart Of Noise” (2016) - (for his idol, Jean Michel Jarre), “From Tears To Paradise” (2007) with Soprano Vocalist, Amethyste Spardel, “Enigma” (2011), with pop – electronic U.S Artist, Ehron Von Allen, “The Heart Of The Earth” (2011), with Maltese Singer Amaryllis Agius, and “Senses”(2015), remixed by artist, The Marine Project, from the Netherlands. 

In 2008, Vassallo cherished the chance to compose the music score for the short film, “In The End”. The film won the “Best International Contemporary Short”, Award at the New York International Film Festival (2009) 
A special score for a Maltese-based short film titled - '" In The End" by the Maltese filmmakers Ramon & Alex Mizzi. 

At the end of 2010 "Memoirs Of A lifetime" was released, yearning once again a quite a few good reviews for his CD album. The inspiration for this album is very much a personal and special one as conveyed in this cd booklet.

With the arrival of more social networks like Facebook etc. he got even more of an awareness for his music, from online music review sites and radio stations around the world, interviews, also being invited on the local TV stations.

Continuing making music for film, Brian had done a good number of compositions for prospective placements, and composing a large number of electronica and ambient, instrumental singles during the years and to the present day. 

In May 2018 “Beyond 2”, the sequel of his debut album, was released. Brian decided to create this album , as if he was composing for an adventure Sci-Fi movie , investing time creating new sounds from his new ZEBRA 2 synthesizer and by using his hardware synths like the Polymorph step sequencer and the JD990.

Brian Vassallo has a lot of music which is only available in videos that show his music synched with images and film, sometimes made by talented videographers and other times made by himself, something that he likes doing and with computer graphics when he is not making music.

And continuing with music for film, In 2020, Brian participated and composed his score for HBO’s "Westworld". An exclusive contest judged by the show’s creators and in collaboration with Spitfire Audio.
And most recently, composing for the animated movie "SPRING", participating for #scorerelief2021 courtesy by 

You can hear and watch Brian's music and videos that have been made over the years, from the links on this website.