Brian Vassallo (born 1971) is a Maltese composer, has been a professional artist since the 1990’s. 

His music covers a wide range of instrumental moods, from 120bpm to  ambient soundscapes to a more laid back reflective music He has also been composing and performing music for a short film, that won as the  “Best International Contemporary Short”, Award at the New York International Film Festival (2009) and the “Merit Award” at The Indie Fest, in California (2010).  

Brian has released three albums, with a fourth studio album, coming this 2018. And a number of singles, collaborations and remixes of famous artists like  - ‘Jean Michel Jarre’  and  'Nils Frahm'.

Always looking for new ways to express himself through his electronic equipment and compositions and graphic designs, since he started expressing his imagination as a sketch pencil artist, with computer graphics, and sound design from his early personal home computers.

Possessing a sense of atmospherics and cinematic moods, conveying a kind of story in each of his compositions, he continues to be inspired as he continues to build upon his 27 years of musical experience, with new sound designs and music. Music that can be classified under one word - ‘Dreamy’ 

‘ Music and memories are among the few things that have the ability to evoke some of life's most powerful emotions. Memoirs of a Lifetime is Brian Vassallo's search for such powerful things - things that we cannot physically touch, yet may touch us so deeply.’  -  Author © Chuck van Zyl / STAR'S END 8 June 2012 

Member of ASCAP (USA) & SoundExchange.