They are Running Out of Fuel. They must Land or Abort within 60 Seconds.


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The Apollo 11 Lunar Module Eagle in orbit. Credit: NASA

The Apollo 11 Lunar Module Eagle in orbit. Credit: NASA


By BRIAN VASSALLO on July 19th, 2019

 The '60s was a great era for space exploration.

having absorbed as much as I could in the last few days about what went on during the preparations and before liftoff, I remained in awe of what these people made possible DURING THAT TIME!

I was particularly impressed by the huge number of people behind this project, each having a task to do I suppose and then the numerous trials and experiments before this huge event lifted off TO GO beyond earth's orbit, WITH THREE men HEADING towards another celestial body outside earth and to land on it. everything had to GO FINE!

'luna' was the first title THAT I THOUGHT ABOUT for my track, but then I started thinking about a new title, and THEN WHEN I STARTED READING THE STORY ABOUT THOSE '60 seconds', I BECAME MORE CONVINCED. the new title conveys suspense, curiosity and even drama in it, especially after you read about what went on before they landed the eagle on the surface of the moon. 

those three human beings out there in space, so distant from the earth, and now hovering above a desolate rock in space, if the lunar lander "eagle" fuel tank ran dry while they were still hovering above the surface, that would have been drama indeed.  I hope you see the immensity of what went on!

I was not yet born on that day, but I can relive it in a way and every time I watch this mission, I remain in awe! and this week was a very particular one for me!